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How to make the transition from your classic cornflakes breakfast to this rich chrononutrition breakfast? Get directions for a decent breakfast and start your day with replenished energy.


  • Directions for a decent Chrononutrition breakfast
  • How to make the transition from your classic cornflakes breakfast to this rich breakfast?
  • Eat a complete Chrononutrition breakfast

Directions for a decent Chrononutrition breakfast

For an ideal breakfast, a person of about 160 cm (length) should eat this in the early morning:

For a normal morning:

  • 80 gram cheese
  • 60 gram bread
  • 10-20 gram butter or olive oil

For a long morning:

  • everything for a normal morning, but you add an egg and/or 80 gram cold meat products (as slices of ham or chicken)

You should always drink tea or coffee and water to hydrate and avoid sugar.

This strong, rather heavy breakfast is necessary to put a stop to those moments before noon when you’re getting hungry and grasp to useless products. It really helps. In the beginning it asks quite an adaption, but after a while it will be your second nature.

How to make the transition from your classic cornflakes breakfast to this rich breakfast?

The chronobreakfast you’ll find described below doesn’t completely reply to the “rules” of Chrononutrition, but it actually approaches it and I consider it as a good transition. I found it necessary to make the transition in steps, because I really don’t like big changes in my habits. For a while I only ate eggs, because this was close to one of my former eating habits (rice + egg as breakfast). Then I gradually added cheese and finally I dropped the eggs on normal mornings, that is on a normal working day.

An example of a recent (transition) breakfast:

  • a cracker with a big portion of Brie cheese, some pieces of “Caprices de Dieu”
  • green tea
  • a glass of water with lemon
 Take care when you cross this bridge! transition to chrononutrition
Take care when you cross this bridge!

Some slices of bread with cheese

With Chrononutrition, you’ll start the day with a big quantity of cheese, that are the greases, fats, on which you’ll function the time before noon. The cracker of my transition breakfast was one with sesame seeds. I like that, but it is especially because I still had a package at home why I ate it. I bought it on a moment I didn’t had anything at home and groceries shopping had to go quickly. There is no need to let food get spoiled, so, that’s why I’m finishing it first.

A better alternative would be one or one and a half slice of bread, if possible home-made brown bread. But that’s depending on your time and your preferences. When my program isn’t too busy, I sometimes try to bake a bread myself. It is a very relaxing activity.

I love the smell of toasted bread in the morning… tasty bread toast grains
I love the smell of toasted bread in the morning…

Butter and olive oil

On the bread, you can put some olive oil or butter. It is obvious that Chrononutrition will prefer whole products, such as quality oil and real butter. Time to go and visit your local market to check out what the farmers brought! Usually, I’m not a huge fan of butter, I mostly buy it for baking cake or something else, for example a special recipe, but also olive oil isn’t my favourite. One way or the other, my hands are always covered in oil when I use it. Which I’d prefer to avoid in the morning. If you’d like to omit these products like me, you can eat some extra cheese!

Liquid gold! olive oil bowl
Liquid gold!

Drinks: tea, coffee, water

Big chance that you are one of those many people who’s already stuck on tea or coffee. Great! You can keep that habit! Personally, I am more of a tea-person. It wakes me up on a not so aggressive way as coffee. I love to try out diverse kinds and brands of green tea. At this moment, I have a box of Terra Ethica, but I also often buy loose tea or at the end of the month (yes, I do suffer from that too from time to time) green tea with lemon by Boni (Colruyt). The one I’m drinking now, is absolutely delicious. But you’d best not let it extract too long, as with most teas. But as I told, coffee, black or other tea, herbal infusions or water are good too.

Cosy, putting your hands around a hot cup of tea hot drinks hands
Cosy, putting your hands around a hot cup of tea-person

So now we’re arriving at the last part of my “transition” breakfast: a glass of water with lemon juice. It isn’t exactly chrono, and yes, I should check how much it actually differs from Chrononutrition. But it is an advise I found on Pinterest and I like it. You can find it in this article: “8 Things I Do Before 8 AM To Achieve My Goals” (you can click the link to read the complete article)”. I used to do it in the past and it just makes my happy to add it to my breakfast. There is some sugar in it, and I should remove it from my menu, but it really is a negligible amount. Sugars only come in the afternoon, a few hours before dinner, when your body makes insulin (which I read in the book Chrononutrition, I cannot confirm if this actually true, but it seems legit).

As you can read, it is quite a heavy breakfast, but that’s good. Often we have to get out of the house quite early to go to work and it is a long time before your lunchbreak arrives. In my case, it is often only 14h00 when I can eat lunch, after having had breakfast at 7h30. Some extra hours to digest before I’m hungry again are quite welcome.

If life gives you lemons … yellow
If life gives you lemons …

Eat a complete Chrononutrition breakfast

On the picture below, you can see a complete Chrononutrition breakfast tailored for me. It is especially nice when you have many different kinds of cheese at home. This way, your breakfast are more varied. Briefly, I only bought very cheap Brie from Colruyt and after a few weeks I was so fed up with it that I couldn’t stand the sight of it any more. On top of that, the taste wasn’t really mention worthy neither. It is a definite recommendation to pay a bit more for quality cheese, even if you at first think you can’t afford it. You’ll buy less other (junk) processed foods when you’re taking up Chrononutrition and that changes a lot in your budget.

A good idea is to toast your bread for a moment to add some extra texture. And I admit, when I do this, some olive oil or butter is very welcome on that toast! Finally I switched to water without lemon, and strangely, it is a relief. This sounds very dramatic, but it really is. These days, in the morning, I’m longing for my glass of water. It feels purifying and I feel brand-new, ready to start the day. About the quantities, only one time, I spent the time to weigh how much I could eat. After that, I stopped. I don’t have the time and don’t fancy a futile occupation. If you watch the quantities of a pack of cheese, you can guess how much your portion will be. With fresh (I mean soft) cheese, you can for example look how much one spoon is and you’ll remember that. If you need the security and certainty (to have quick weight loss) and you want to follow the diet strictly, you can of course weigh everything.

Voilà, this is a “strict” Chrononutrition breakfast cheese tea water bread toast
Voilà, this is a “strict” Chrononutrition breakfast

Don’t hesitate to leave a comment below! I’d like to hear your opinion and your experiences!

Curious about Chrononutrition? In this article I’ll explain more about the basis of the diet: What exactly is Chrononutrition?
We want to feel great in our body! Chrononutrition gives directions about what your ideal size is. But in the end it is you who decides! What is your ideal size?

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