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New Years’ wishes 2020

Of course, I’ll wish you the best for this year, just as everyone! May 2020 give you many 20's on 20!

Of course, I’ll wish you the best for this year, just as everyone! I hope your personal dreams may come true, that your health stays/becomes excellent, that you’ll find the strength to continue and to embrace all the good in your life. I wish you 20 on 20 for 2020 (wink, wink).

What a high score! But maybe this is not what you were aiming at, because you used to experience it as an unrealistic ideal. (Or you are used to it, daily stuff! I hope you enjoy it!) Any way, it is the highest score you can give something or that you can obtain. But look, even if you haven’t been in contact with it yet or not so often, you stayed alive. Didn’t you? Lucky us, that 6/20 wasn’t the end of the world.

This year I want to review that perfectionist ideal. You don’t need to get that 20 on 20, although you might like to get your own scores slightly higher, no matter what subjects are important for you. I promise that it can be quite difficult, but I’m sure you’ll be able to approach your goals. It is time to get out of the comfort zone (and to embrace certain others comfortable zones). My four wishes and focus points for this blog in 2020 will help you with this.


The fundaments of a good year are in the cultivation of a good health. Physical and mental problems withhold us to get on with our live and surpass ourselves. We all know the expression “a healthy mind in a healthy body”, Mens sana in corpore sano. Thanks Wikipedia to have provided me some more information on the subject. It was a Roman poet, Juvenal who probably first wrote it down, but earlier there is a resembling text found by Thales, who was Greek. Let’s not discuss who was really first, we can surely all agree that this expression has stood the test of time.

But between what we say and what we do, there is often a huge gap and we easily make unhealthy life choices, even if we know better. That’s why De Maanboom wishes you a good health, again, yes, and this year we’ll get into the improvement of our daily diet and we’ll enjoy the things that really matter! Time to find out what that is for you. 😉

When do you feel on top of the world?
When do you feel on top of the world?


By profoundly reflecting on what we find important, we’ll get a new grasp on our goals. This helps to aim the work on your mental health. This is why De Maanboom wishes you a fruitful quest to your desires. What are the big lines in your life and which direction do you want them to go? As we gain more insight in our life, more will become clear (but I have to admit, I do believe more new questions will rise too).

Dionysse and I dream of a world .... with unlimited access to cat kibbles
Dreaming together…


To realize your goals and dreams, De Maanboom wishes you the discovery of your perseverance. I believe it is present in any person, but it is sometime pushed on the background by contextual factors. It isn’t the most scientifically approved argument, but we all kept on to learn to walk, speak, read.. We didn’t succeed overnight. By reconnecting with our urge to succeed and mindfully perceive every (small) success, you will also be able to realise your dreams.

A marathon or a walk around your block. Not giving up is the message!
Not giving up is the message!


I wish you the opportunity to accept. Your past to be able to go on, your current situation to get to work with it actively and consciously (and not undergoing it passively). Sometimes it is necessary to accept something negative to be able to realise other goals and experiences are never completely negative or positive. So embrace the difficult, the easy, the ugly, the beauty, the heavy and the light because after accepting both, only then you can review your progress.

To inspire: this tightrope walker has found a good balance, hasn’t she?

Corner of the veil

In 2020 you can expect many blogposts at De Maanboom! I’m excited to write regularly, become better, and share my ideas! On Mondays there will be articles about Chrononutrition and its recipes. Every week on Wednesday you’ll read about gardening and on Saturdays I’ll unveil you my hidden passion (which isn’t that hidden any more from now on): self development. Little researches, advice, stories and interviews. We’ll spoil ourselves by looking deep into our soul – mhuuuhahahaaa :-p (and by working in in the garden). It will be a fabulous year!

Best wishes for 2020 by De Maanboom!
My best wishes!

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