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Good resolutions and advice

Check out these good resolutions and get some advice on how to finally fulfill them in 2020!

Every new year goes together with new years’ wishes, what we wish one another and at the other side of the newyears’ medaillon, we find the good resolutions, the things we wish ourselfs. In my last blogpost, you could already find a first look on what to expect at De Maanboom in 2020. Here, I’ll tell you more about some of my personal resolutions for this new year. I’ll also give you my favourite new years’ activity to fix my resolutions for the next year and some good advice to keep up the good work for at least one month. Let me know in the comments if you do it too!

Resolution 1: sport

This one is probably in the top three of the biggest clichés in good resolutions. Who of you has already bought a yearly fitness subscription in January to say to yourself after a few sessions: “Oh, I really have noooo time for that” or “Actually, don’t like (the sport) after all…”. I did! Once I took up judo for a few months. I’d done it as a child and I hoped to meet some new people at the sportclub. Finally, I arrived in a group of 8-14 years old boys… The group of “adults” undercrowded, so the kids claimed it.

They were very sweet boys, but not really the “sportbuddies” I was hoping for. After being brave for a while, I did give up. However, I had a good excuse: too much work. But at the same time, my resolution had failed. I should have foreseen that my motivation wasn’t profound enough to continue, even with a group of children.

Cat screaming nope, I am not going to work out
Nope, you’re not seeing me again…

Running and ninjatraining

But this year I will put sport on my list anyway. My goal is a grain more realistic than practising judo twice a week, so I believe in it. At the moment, I sometimes go running with my boyfriend, which I’d like to do more often. If I could run once a week or every two weeks, that would make me content. How long and how far, isn’t important. The point is getting some exercise.

Next to this, I regularly do my “ninjatraining”. This is a series of exercises that I do at home – in the comfort of my own living room, haha. It is a collection I put together on Pinterest and I made my own training schedule. Since it is written on a nice card and laminated, I can indicate what is done and it is a huge motivation. Literally after every exercise, I grasp for my marker to track my progress. If I can continue doing this, that would be great!

Here, you’ll find my “ninjatrainingscard”. Feel free to use it! I’d love to give you more information about the execution 🙂 Not that I’m a toptrainer, you can best check on Pinterest or Youtube too.

Ninjatraining for four weeks
Ninjatraining for four weeks


And then there is yoga. I’ve had moments I did this every day, every week, every month, but at the moment my yoga mat hasn’t been rolled out a lot. Yoga usually has a very relaxing effect and the videos of Yoga with Adrienne are quite useful to do it at home. Preferably, I’d subscribe for yoga and meditation sessions in March, after the end of my renovations. In Brussels there are many yoga rooms and it seems nice to get out and practice yoga in group.

Resolution 2: meeting with friends

We hear it frequently, there are unlimited ways to communicate with one another, but we have less and less contact in person. Because of the Internet, we know people from around the world (and why not beyond?) and even then it seems difficult to meet up with anyone. Those people I consider as good friends, I feel like I barely see them in person. And you know what? I’m sure of it that is only a point of liberating time and being ready to get out of the house (aargh, hard point for me).

There are only a few reasons why I don’t see my friends very often, and that are those mentioned above. That’s why my resolution is to meet at least twice a month with some friends. For some among you, this may seem not so much, but I have the feeling that months fly by and that I’ve only run from one to the other side. Some months I never take the time to sit down five minutes and drink some coffee with a friend to catch up.

Drinking great coffee with great friends
Some great coffee with some great friends!

So, meeting up more often, fixing meetings at the beginning of the month and not skipping that meeting. Where and how, that’s also a point on which I’d like to work. First of all, I’d like to visit them more at their place. That is not to take advantage, but to show I also appreciate their “living space”. Most of the time I try to lure people at my place, so I don’t need to get out on the street. But I get it if others have the same feeling and find it hard to get outside. So, dear friends, you can expect me! 😀 Next to that, I’d like to do more activities together: going to a bar, eating out, cinema or anything else! Of course, they are also welcome to visit at my place!

Resolution 3: cultural activities

I love culture and used to spend a lot of evenings and afternoons on it when I was at university, but since I work, I never manage to participate with something. Of course, there is the argument that I teach in the evenings, but that is not so often at all. The last years, I also had renovations at my place, and there wasn’t much energy left. Now, I want to pick up where I stopped and return to my beloved activities. So, I want to go to at least six (preferably 12) cultural activities. Which ones, I still have to decide. Time to get out the programs!

Some ideas: museum visit (which is already planned in this week, yeaay!), a classical concert (the one of Taylor Swift is not counted in… but we could discuss, she is indeed a piece of culture from one kind of “culture”… Swift4president!), theatre, vernissage, book presentations in Passa Porta… There is an abundance of options in Brussels, and again, as with meeting with friends, it is a question of liberating time and getting your back of that sofa to go out.

Not all cultural activities have to be expensive... but don't hesitate to support your (local) artists!
Not all cultural activities have to be expensive… but don’t hesitate to support your (local) artists!

Some advice


Now I’ll give you a huge advice to not prematurely kill your resolutions. A more and more known term from marketing: SMART formulation. By using this concept, you take into account five points:

  1. Is your resolution specific? Isn’t it too vague? (read: when you talk about doing sports, what do you want to do? Is your mind open to a short walk or are you motivated for intense weekly trainings?)
  2. Is your resolution measurable? How can you know you fulfilled your resolution?
  3. Is your resolution acceptable? Is your goal also ok for the people around you?
  4. Is your resolution realistic? Is your goal possible? (read: do you intend to put your first step on Mars this year? It is quite a long distance, you know…)
  5. Is your resolution timed? Will you be able to realise your goal in the provided time?
specific – measurable – acceptable – realistic – timed

You can ask yourself these five questions and note down what your answers are. Maybe you’ll need to change some ideas or formulate it slightly more realistic than you first thought. Don’t forget your current situation and the situation you find yourself in the next year. You cannot prepare everything, but there is a big chance you’re able to see the big lines in advance.


A second advice is the Yearcompass. During a rather chaotic period, this was advised to me by a therapist. It helps to focus a few hours to make an overview of the last year. You’ll also note your goals and cornerstones for the next year and you’ll structure your thoughts on paper.

That comes in handy, because you can look back at it. For example, you can leaf through it after three or six months and evaluate yourself. Are these still your good resolutions? Do you execute them? Has your situation changed? Did your priorities shift? In my home, the Yearcompass stays the whole year next to my bed. This way I can peruse it on a day when I’m just a little it too confronted with myself. It reminds me of my experiences of last year and the cornerstones that could help me during the current year to obtain my goals. Also very practical: it is available in different languages and you can do it in group! I really advise it.

Yearcompass: finding your way by specific and guiding questions
Yearcompass: finding your way by specific and guiding questions

Now I am absolutely curious! What are your resolutions? Why do/n’t you make them? Did you ever get a fitness subscription to never work out after all? (this is a well-known problem, no?) What is your advice to persist with your resolutions? Tell us in your reaction.

Did you miss my new years’ wishes for 2020? Here they are together with a big hug!

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