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Veal cutlet forestière

Try this veal cutlet forestière, a delicious recipe (30 min max to prepare)

What a busy day and I just wanted to eat some food… As fast as possible. But this week, I had all my meals planned and didn’t take into account that cooking takes some time. So I chose the recipe that promised to be ready the in the shortest time, which was “escalope de veau forestière”, veal cutlet with tomato-mushroom sauce. As a base I used a chrononutrition recipe from “Le regime starter” by Alain Delabos, and adapted a few steps, because I didn’t have all ingredients.

This is some casual cooking. Scroll down for the detailed recipe.

Some advice

It is absolutely possible to prepare this for just one person, as you can see in my video. If you have too much sauce, it is also ok to freeze some for later.

Instead of tomatopaste, I used fresh tomatoes. The taste is really good, but as a result, the final sauce is less thick than if you use tomatopaste.

Always clean and measure your rice, it really changes a lot! If you measure the rice and the water, you’ll get a perfect result.

If you’re getting hungry, choose for a quick meal. You can prepare things the day before if you’re having a busy day!

Final opinion

Delicious recipe. It takes about half an hour from the start until you can eat.

It was really tasty!

Also read my posts on chrononutrition and find out why it changed my life (and could change yours)!

Tell me, what are your quick meals for busy days?

Download the recipe here:

3 comments on “Veal cutlet forestière

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  2. delicious looking recipe, thank you for posting it.


  3. Brittany

    It may seem silly, but in the US, it is not clear what kind of veal cuts are used for what purpose. It is not common knowledge. What cut did you use?


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