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Get maximum results with the intensive language coaching program

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One month, weekly appointments

The intensive language coaching program is clear in the package it offers: 4 appointments of one hour per week, for 4 weeks.

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2 payment options

The total price of the intensive language coaching program is €1120,00 (incl. VAT). No surprises. Payment is due before the first session.

Option two: pay €600,00 before the first session and €600,00 before the 9th session.

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Refund policy

If you decide to stop the program before the fifth session, you get a total refund, exept for €300 for the first sessions and time I spend preparing the program. The refund is valid for only the first time of inscription. To cancel the program, you have to send an e-mail or a text message at least 24 hours before the planned, fifth session. The refund will be done within 10 days.

Note that I cannot accept more than two clients per month to be able to provide excellent quality coaching sessions.