How can I help you?

Hi! I’m Esther, your favourite teacher and language coach. I offer intensive online language coaching which is adapted to your individual needs. This beside my full-time job as a Dutch language teacher for adults. As you’ll see on my website, I’m interested in many subjects next to my teaching subject, that’s why I am driven to find the most relevant workmaterials for specialised language coaching. Next to my mother tongue, I also speak fluent French and English and have a basic knowledge of German. Browse my site or contact me to find out more about my services!

Lift your knowledge of Dutch to a higher level. Together we set realistic learning goals and achieve them. My one month language coaching program is entirely personalised, so you’ll learn the vocabulary that is useful in your work environment. With frequent follow-ups, you’ll find the drive to succeed.

Set realistic goals

Adults learn languages with specific goals in mind. This is their main motivator and it helps them focus. Often though, life gets in the way and they loose sight of their reasons. This may lead to a premature end of their learning activities. By setting realistic goals and making explicit what results should follow acquiring those goals, the adult learner augments his chances of making it until the end.

Benefit from individualised course paths

Adult learners don’t have the time to spend on vocabulary they’re not going to use. This is why the language coaching sessions focus solely on that what you need! The first session of the intensive coaching includes a thorough introduction, via discussions and a questionlist which is provided at the inscripiton, after which I propose programs that are changeable at any time on request of the learner.

Integrate a managable learning schedule

The goals matter. The content matters. But also your learning schedule matters. In order to get the best results, consistency is of utmost importance. The intensive language coaching program is designed with regular follow-ups that help you develop a healthy learning habit. Repetition, consistency, and digestible bits of information are key to integrate a succesful learning schedule in your daily life. Together we make that true!

Bedankt voor wie je bent. Voor alles wat je doet, altijd recht uit het hart, nooit omdat het moet..

Class Dutch, level 2.3, written on a handmade thank you card

(Thanks for who you are. For anything you do, always straight from the heart, never because you have to.)

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