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What is your ideal size?


  • It is your body, take care of it and love it!
  • Day after day, the weight stayed
  • Waistline and Body Mass Index (bmi)
  • The ideal size by Chrononutrition
  • So what is my ideal weight?
  • Body positive with comon sense

We’ve all heard a lot about the different “ideal sizes”. Every year we feel being terrorised with new theories and in the history of mankind, many jolly sizes have been idolized. When we put Rubens’ women next to the latest Victoria’s Secret models, then it becomes very soon clear that there isn’t just “one” ideal. On top of that, culture has its say too and plays a huge role in how the visual appearance of a person is perceived. It is almost impossible to give a simple answer on the question: “What is your ideal size?”

It is your body, take care of it and love it!

Clearly, there are many discussions about the ideal sizes of people. Not to confuse anyone from the start, I’d like you to know that I don’t care about what the ideal sizes are for you. It is important that you can live with the curves of your body, as long as your health isn’t in danger. And even so, if you think it OK to put your health lower on your personal list of priorities, that will be your decision. Of course, you’ll have to carry the results of your decision yourself.

my body is a temple healthy body and mind body positive

Day after day, the weight stayed

Until two years ago, I’ve never really thought about the forms and size of my body. I was quite lucky that my eating habits and my daily portion of movement covered one another and so my body didn’t change for about eight years since the start of my university studies. Only two years ago, when my life changed drastically, I discovered that it isn’t always so easy to maintain a good figure. I didn’t bike to work any more, drank alcohol more often and what I was eating… wasn’t that balanced at all. I began gaining weight and discovered that I lost my endurance and condition (read: first I loved running on the stairs, and then I didn’t). I missed that explosive energy and it is a big motivation to continue with the Chrononutrition. So, during my renovation, I was getting a beer belly and from the moment I discovered that, some alarm was ringing in my head. I discovered I was afraid to have overweight. Without ever really thinking about it, I did have an ideal about my body size. But the question was, what were they?

stairs up to heaven fit downstairs

Waistline and Body Mass Index (bmi)

Often we hear that the waistline and the Body Mass Index (bmi) are important factors to know if your body has the right sizes. Unfortunately, I have the impression that there are just as many researchers who confirm as contradict this. I guess, there will be some truth in it that your waistline and bmi shouldn’t be to big, but it isn’t that convincing. Those two measurements did play a role in my ideal image, because I actually looked them up a long time ago. For the occasion, I rechecked the two sizes again:

waistline: 88/89 cm
bmi: 23,7

On the website Gezond leven (Healthy life), I found a bmi calculator for women and my bmi appeared to be 23,7. That is great and just between the 18,5 and 25 that is advised. The people with this bmi also get the advise to stay on the same weight and to keep paying attention. So, that is really nice to read. For my waistline, it was a little bit different, 88 to 89 cm. It depends on how relaxed I am standing and if I did or did not fart, hihi. Anyway, it is in the zone of the “heightened risk” and also on the border of the “strongly heightened risk”. That is confronting, but it isn’t that dramatic that my self image is going to be completely destructed.

belly waistline measure size

The ideal size by Chrononutrition

The Chrononutrition method gives you some guidelines to get to know your ideal size. They don’t have a size chart, but they calculate the sizes with a formula. It is good to help you if you lost your way in all the possibilities or if you are not content, even if you reply to the known weight charts, bmi or the waistline chart. Dr. Alain Delabos developed some formulas to calculate the ideal size for the breast, waistline (I will refer to it as “taille” = smallest part between the breast and the bellybutton), hips and weight. Two measurements are important: the exact length of the thickest point of your wrist (the bones) and your length. The formula is available in the books about Chrononutrition. You can also get the results via the official website (link), but I would suggest you not to spent too much time in that place. The website has a very unprofessional look and I find it highly demotivating. The blue they use in their lay-out absolutely hurts my eyes and it cuts deeps in my aesthetic loving heart. They also sell supplements, for example for when you are doing the starters diet and you have a lack of certain nutriments, and I find that a bit untangling. I would never buy that. A method that you should be able to keep up for a long time, should include all necessary nutriments, but that is a discussion for another time. (It is mainly for the strict starters diet)

Here you’ll find my “ideal size” that I got calculated on the website for FREE (OK, I did give my e-mail address in exchange, but I guess I’ll be able to unsubscribe). The measurements are different from what I found in the book “Mincir sur mesure”. Via the book, I got the ideal weight of 55 kg, a breast size of 91 cm, waistline of 61 cm and hip size of 91 cm.

ideal size chrononutrition moprhotype

So what is my ideal weight?

I have three different series of numbers. Which one should I choose? I have to be hones, it was already decided before I started calculating my “ideal sizes”. In my opinion, my ideal weight is between 57 and 60 kg. It is an arbitrary number, no doubt, but I felt good with it for years, so it shouldn’t be more, nor less. It is not necessary for my to attain the weight of 51 kg. I think it is exaggerated! I don’t even want to imagine how I would look if I would only weight as much. Probably, it would also result in saying goodbye to my beloved muscles. No way!! Losing some kg’s from the renovation, that is good enough for me. My breast size is about the same as what is calculated, so not much to say about that. My taille and hip size do differ a lot from reality. I could of course focus on it and let it drive me completely crazy, but that is not on my agenda. My goal is to get a little bit further away from that “strongly heightened risk”-zone and being able to step into my next phase of life without any worries (hey, hey, two years and I’m thirty).

choices what to do

Body positive with common sense

A good life without to much extra stress is my priority. That is, I don’t want to make my life much more difficult then how it is presenting itself to me. So, yes I follow Chrononutrition, but when I attain my personal goal, it will stop there. I will just continue having good habits. Nobody has to tell me how my body should look like. I will decide myself what makes me feel good. I hope it is also the case for you! You can love your body the way it is! And if YOU want to change it, be free to do so.

feling beautiful has nothing to do with what you look like i promise emma watson body positive

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